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Excellence is the key to the extraordinary - When only the best will do.

The outstanding sound quality of Trigon audio components transpires at first sight – their timeless elegance pleases the eye and prepares the earmind and for a transcendent sonic experience. Only premium electronic parts, individually selected and mesured are used for all sonically relevant positions in the circuitry. Every Trigon product is designed and built in Germany to the highest standards.

This approach makes unique audio components, unmistakeable for their quality, designed to satisfy even the most demanding music lover, realistically priced rather than destined to remain an audiophile's unattainable dream. Our premium line offers the listening experience that you've been looking for! 



Quality. Technology. Innovation. These were our goals from the very beginning.

Designing and building outstanding audio components – this has been our mission since the establishment of Trigon Elektronik GmbH in September 1996. The founders of the company, Ralf Kolmsee and Rainer Reddemann realised their calling: to create reliable, yet reasonably priced components of ultimate musicality. Rather than running with the crowd, they achieve quality through on-going refinement and technological innovation.

In addition to our audio products, we have established an enviable reputation in the field of electrical engineering, designing and manufacturing advanced electronic control systems.


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