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Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III

6 500 kr


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Pickupen är känd som en högnivå-MC men finns nu även i en normal MC-version med låg utsignal. Har du ett riktigt bra RIAA så är det naturliga valet Lo.

Har du ett RIAA som enbart är avsett för MM-pickuper så väljer du så klart Hi.

"The elliptical stylus helped make the BPS a good tracker, and transients were clean and tight, if a bit lacking in nuance. You'll get a richer midrange and greater liquidity from, say, Grado's woodenbodied Sonata, but not this level of excitement. The Sonata might make abetter overall choice for classical and acoustic music, especially female voices, but for rock and pop at an affordable price - especially if your budget system needs a shot of adrenaline - the Blue Point Special Evo III will fit the bill." Stereophile Analog Corner, Michael Fremer -December 2004



"Bass has pleasing authority and drive, and it passes the percussive test with ease - snapping snares and solid kick drums are an instant hit. At times it's a touch rough around the edges, and one or two competitors offer better front-to-back perspectives and some buyers may prefer a richer balance. But for me, this Sumiko's direct musical statement makes it a Best Buy at the price.." HiFi Chose Best Buy

Cartridge Type MC Hi               /   Lo
Frequency Response12Hz-40Khz
Output Voltage/Channel 2.5mV               /  0,5mV
Channel Separation30dB
Channel Balance 0.5dB
Compliance(x10-6 cm/dyne) 12
Stylus Size/Shape .3x.7/Elliptical
Load Impedance 47k Ohms         /  >100 Ohms
Tracking Force Range 1.7-2.1 grams   /  1,8-2,2
Recommended Force 2.0 grams
Cartridge Weight 8,3 grams



Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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