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Ortofon MC Xpression

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The new Ortofon Xpression High-End cartridge The state of the art product, the Ortofon Xpression represents a combination of three elements very characteristic for Ortofon: •The cutting edge SLM materials technology pioneered by MC A90 and SPU 90th Anniversary •Modification of the generator system introduced with the MC A90 and the MC Windfeld •Ortofon design tradition Utilising these three elements we created a new product in order to support our customers of SPU cartridges and Ortofon tonearms. The Xpression cartridge bridges the gap between SPU-type cartridges and High-End cartridges like the MC A90 and the MC Windfeld designed for headshell mounting. The result is a high-performance moving coil cartridge with the convenience of a standard headshell connector, which provides a simple and elegant method of directly connecting the generator and tonearm via the Xpression’s one-piece body. För detaljer, se



“The Ortofon Xpression is a unique blend of the new and the old...This new Ortofon is designed and built as a drop-in replacement for any G-style pickup head...

...The Xpression proved itself to be much more explicit than my original SPU - more detailed, more open, more tactile, more revealing of nuance and technique...

Delighted I am to see and hear such a product...the Xpression brings with it a certain disregard for convention and for the staid logic of commerce - not unlike the best music.” Stereophile, Feb 2012, Reviewed by Art Dudley


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