Trigon TRV 100

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Trigon TRV 100 Försteg


Pris: 29000 kr

Finns för demo!

Både balanserat och RCA in och ut. Split in och ut för anslutning till hemmabio eller equalizer etc. Triggerutgångar för automatisk styrning av slutsteg mm. Utgång för hörlurar på fronten.

Tillverkarens uppgifter

The TRV - 100 is a pre-amplifier of high quality with eight high-level-inputs and two separately switchable outputs. Two of the eight inputs as well as one output are supplied in symmetrical design. The inputs 7 and 8 can also be used as input for a tape-recorder because there are also two record-outputs belonging to these two inputs.
There are also two switched low-voltage-outputs (10V DC) for the running of amplifier and active loudspeaker with DC-remote control. Further TRIGON-equipment, controlled by the TRV - 100 can be connected to a 3-pole-D-sub-socket.
For the running of a high-ohmic head-phone there is a 6,3 mm phone plug at the front of the equipment.
Further the TRV - 100 has got an input/output where special equipment like Surround Decoder, Equalizer etc. can be connected.

The amplifier is completely controlled by a uP in consideration of a good working separation of the analogous and digital circuits.
The operating of the pre-amplifier is possible at the equipment itself as well as by a IR-remote-control-unit. A clear display on the front of the pre-amplifier, which is dimable and can be switched off, informs always about current positions. In the "Stand-by Modus" the equipment can be switched-off by remote-control-unit.
Independent from the current program the Record-circuit allows copying any program-source.
The volume can be adjusted by a special D/A-converter, so it is much better than conventional volume control (Pontentiometer) in respect to sound and technology.
Each of the amplifier stage is produced modulary, in the case of developments concerning the technology or the sound they can be exchanged by unplugging.
The integrated toroid transformer with a "Super Silent material" which is low magnetic field and humless runs even very well in the case of unclean voltage. Again the mains-part was very much considered. It consists mainly of four separate mains-parts and contains for the supply of the amplifier stage a special connection, which always allows a low sorce resistance in the case of higher frequency. That way the distortion occuring also in the high-sound-sphere will be minimated and the sound seems to be less rough comparing to the use of usual connections.

 Du kan få displayen i blått eller grönt (normalt är rött). Se Trigon Tillval

Du kan få apparatkåpan lackad med Nextel Coating. Se Trigon Tillval

Du kan får fronten i krom (högglans). Se menyn ovan.

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1Hz - 200kHz


< 0,02%


< -80dB (1kHz)


< -98dBA


6x RCA, 2x XLR, 1x RCA Split

Input Impedance



1x RCA, 1x XLR, 2x RCA Record, 1x RCA Split

Output Impedance

33 Ohm


1x 6,3mm / >200 Ohm

Optional Equipment

IR remote control DIRECTOR


8,1 kg


440mm X 89mm X 350mm  (BxHxD)


3 years

Specifications subject to change



Levereras med VOLT skärmad nätkabel. 3 års garanti.

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