Audio Quest Rocket 44

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SlinkyLinks Högtalarkabel, silver


Pris: 0 kr

SlinkyLinks högtalarkabel med silverledare.

 Längd: 2,5 meter

Kontakter: Schweiziska fjädrande banankontakter av silver

Tillverkarens uppgifter:

- Eight 99.9999% 0.25mm pure silver conductors, four per channel
- Slinkylinks 96% quad tube air insulation configuration for each channel
- Highly versatile Swiss made hollow banana pin connectors
- WBT silver solder terminations
- Long life sonic performance design
- Hand assembled and made exclusively in New Zealand

The S1 speaker cable uses twice as many conductors as our interconnect formula. The extra conductors help reduce impedance in the cable. This will improve sound over the longer lengths.

Speaker leads carry more current than interconnects, and subsequently benefit from these extra conductors.

Due to the construction of Slinkylinks, cables must come pre-terminated. The S1 Series use a highly versatile hollow banana pin. It is the best performing banana pin connector we can find.

Slinkylinks speaker leads can never be cut! The conductors will sever easily


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