Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution

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Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution


Pris: 0 kr

Magnetavlastat tallrikslager! 10" kolfiberarm. Ground it delux ingår!

Skivspelaren: Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution
Hastigheter 33/45 varv/m
Dammskydd Finns som tillbehör
Skivpuck Ingår
Skivtallrik Akryl, 5,4kg
Dämpfötter Metall mm, + 11,5kg Ground it deluxe
Mått BxDxH 500x400x275 med stängt lock
Totalvikt 28,1kg inkl Ground it deluxe 1
Anslutning RCA, standardkabel ingår
Tonarmen: Pro-Ject 10cc Evolution
Lämplig pickup 6-9gram (5-15g med tillbehör)
VTA Justerbar
HTA (Azimuth) Justerbar
Effektiv massa 9g
Pickup Ingår ej


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"...Immediately impressive was the RPM-10’s quiet backdrop-a ‘blackness’ that permitted low-level details and micro-dynamic nuances to pour forth from the grooves…the first table from Pro-Ject that’s not merely a good value, but simply great!"
Stereophile Review of the RPM10


"...If you can stretch your budget to this level plus a good cartridge, like the Sumiko Blackbird, you will be rewarded with a surprising level of detail, bass articulation and control, and transparency. The result is a sound that sucks you further into the performance, offering blacker backgrounds, more weight and solidity in the bass, and a cleaner window onto the soundstage. The RPM-10 gives one a glimpse of what a reference turntable system can do: Make you feel like the performers are in the room!"
The Absolute Sound Review of the RPM10


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