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Thorens TD-350


Pris: 36990 kr

The TD 350 revives the legendary Thorens tradition and concept of the suspended chassis. The construction of the TD 350 ingeniously combines the advantages of a mass platform with those of the suspended chassis. This tried and tested concept as well as traditional manufacturing quality make the TD 350 a record player that will satisfy even the most discerning demands. Experience the renaissance of an outstanding technology being employed again in combination with the latest engineering knowledge and high-tech materials.





Dimensions 440 x 160 x 345 mm (W x H x D)

Weight 10.0 kg

Finns även utan arm för dig som vill montera en egen. Eller så låter du oss sköta borrning och montage. Pris för borrning ca 750,- 

Vi rekommenderar tonarmen Jelco 750D

Levereras utan pickup. Ring för pris med önskad pickup!
The TD 350 is equipped with the proprietary Thorens IDD (Independent Double Damping) suspension system, which yields an independent dampening of horizontal and vertical oscillations. Together with the 4-kg-platter and low-friction bearing this results in incredible silent running and exceptional sonic stability. The integrated motor control circuitry takes care of highly precise rpm by means of electronic stabilization. Additional features, such as the precision-ground belt, a solid turned platter combined with a layer of bitumen, the absolutely silent AC synchronous motor and, last but not least, the fine TP92tonearm further enhance the outstanding sound quality of the TD 350.

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