Pro-Ject 6PerspeX

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Pro-Ject 6Perspex DC


Pris: 17890 kr

6PerspeX är i de flesta avseenden lika med RPM 9.2. Samma motor, samma tonarm men med magnetiskt upphängt sub-chassi. Nu med DC-motor.

The transparent acrylic plinth stands on three individually height-adjustable Sorbothane®-damped aluminium cones and carries the motor and the sub-chassis. The sub-chassis, made of Corian, rests on tree magnetic fields. A supplied spirit level allows easy adjustment of the sub-chassis.

Skivspelaren: Pro-Ject 6PerspeX SB
Hastigheter 33/45 varv/m, inbyggd speedbox
Dammskydd Avtagbart lock i akryl
Skivpuck Ingår
Skivtallrik MDF/Akryl, 2,0kg
Dämpfötter Sorbothane
Mått BxDxH 460x365x183mm  med stängt lock
Totalvikt 10,5kg
Anslutning RCA, standardkabel ingår
Tonarmen: Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution
Lämplig pickup 8-10gram (5-14g med tillbehör)
VTA Justerbar
HTA (Azimuth) Justerbar
Pickup Ingår ej

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EISA Awards 2009-2010

European Turntable 2009-2010

Visually, the 6PerspeX turntable is one of Pro-Ject´s happiest creations, its elegant design featuring an eye-catching slab of clear acrylic for the plinth and a thick MDF platter finished off in a matt black plastic. Floating above the plinth is a composite subchassis, supported under its substantial bearing housing by a sorbothane block and at a further three peripheral points by a series of opposing magnets. The matching tonearm is a luxury version of Pro-Ject´s carbon fibre arm called the 9cc Evolution. It´s possible to tune the sound of the 6 PerspeX by using the supplied record clamp, which brings some added focus to midrange detail while tightening-up the bass register. Without the clamp, its music sounds slightly softer and lighter but also freer and arguably more natural. It looks fabulous and sounds very impressive indeed - a natural EISA winner.


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