LP, The Who - Tommy

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LP, The Who - Tommy, 2xLP


Pris: 498 kr

The Who‘s Tommy has been reissued in the past, but now the 1969 concept album has been updated to a deluxe edition, mastered by Kevin Gray, pressed at Quality Record Pressings, and presented in its original LP configuration.


Label: Geffen Genre: Pop/Rock
Typ: Nypressad  2xLP 180g 33rpm Insp.år: 1969
Release: 2016




1. Overture
2. It's A Boy
3. 1921
4. Amazing Journey
5. Sparks
6. The Hawker
7. Christmas
8. Cousin Kevin
9. The Acid Queen
10. Underture
11. Do You Think It's Alright?
12. Fiddle About
13. Pinball Wizard
14. There's A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror!
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
17. Smash The Mirror
18. Sensation
19. Miracle Cure
20. Sally Simpson
21. I'm Free
22. Welcome
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp
24. We're Not Gonna Take It


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