LP, The Black Keys - the big come up

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LP, The Black Keys - the big come up 2xLP


Pris: 325 kr

"Rawboned blues duo the Black Keys hail from Akron, Ohio, but a listen to The Big Come Up suggests the Keys may have been raised by Mississippi ridge-runners. While Dan Auerbach's overdriven ax is powered by the same internal-combustion engine that drove blues legends Junior Kimbrough and Fred McDowell, this is no po-faced retro show. There's Wu-Tang Clan-schooled funk in drummer Patrick Carney's fatback beats, and on the cranked-up 'Countdown,' Auerbach suppresses a sob with the droll closing couplet, 'You stole my heart and damn near drove me mad/I gotta get back home to my mom and dad.'...In a world gone White Stripes crazy, save room in your heart and CD wallet for the Black Keys." - Peter Relic, Rolling Stone

Label: Alive Records

Genre: Alternative
Typ: Nypressad  2xLP 33rpm 180gram Insp.år: 2002



1.   Busted
2.   Do The Rump
3.   I'll Be Your Man*
4.   Countdown
5.   The Breaks
6.   Run Me Down
7.   She Said, She Said
8.   Heavy Soul
9.   Yearnin'
10.   No Fun
11.   Them Eyes
12.   Leavin' Trunk
13.   Brooklyn Bound
14.   240 Years Before Your Time

* Signaturmelodin till TV-serien Hang på HBO 

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