LP, Lynne Shelby-I Can't Imagine

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LP, Lynne Shelby-I Can't Imagine


Pris: 249 kr

"Shelby Lynne's 13th full-length album and her first for Rounder Records. I Can't Imagine is probably the most beautifully crafted and intensely affecting set of songs since her landmark I Am Shelby Lynne in 2000. I Can't Imagine is powered by Lynne's lustrous vocal performance, indelible, illuminative songwriting, and the sympathetic, versatile playing of her top-flight band."


Label: Rounder Records

Genre: Vocal
Typ: Nypressad  LP 33rpm 180 gram Insp.år:  2015
Release: 2015
VC art.nr: 1838  
VC inköp: Q40521 Prisgrupp: EU4
Side 1
1. Paper Van Gogh
2. Back Door Front Porch
3. Sold the Devil (Sunshine)
4. Son of a Gun
5. Down Here

Side 2
6. Love Is Strong
7. Better
8. Be in the Now
9. Following You
10. I Can’t Imagine




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