LP, Knopfler Mark - Tracker

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LP, Knopfler Mark - Tracker, 2LP


Pris: 269 kr


Double LP edition pressed on black vinyl

"Beryl" is the first single from Mark Knopfler's eighth solo studio album Tracker. The song is dedicated to Beryl Bainbridge who was one of Britain's leading novelists. The new album features 11 Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including Bainbridge and poet Basil Bunting. The songs contain Mark's usual wryly but accurately observed vignettes of real life wrapped up in a musical accompaniment of distinctive subtlety.

Tracker was produced by Knopfler and Guy Fletcher and was recorded at British Grove Studios in London. The band features Mark Knopfler on guitars, Guy Fletcher on keyboards, John McCusker on fiddle, Mike McGoldrick on whistle and flute, Glenn Worf on bass and Ian Thomas on drums. Guest musicians include Ruth Moody (from The Wailin' Jennys) on vocals, Nigel Hitchcock on saxophone and Phil Cunningham on accordion.

Label: Mercury

Genre: Pop
Typ: Nypressad  2LP 33rpm 180g Insp.år:  2015
Release: -
VC art.nr: 1800  
VC inköp: Q26003 Prisgrupp: EU4


Side 1
1. Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes
2. Basil
3. River Towns

Side 2
4. Skydiver
5. Mighty Man
6. Broken Bones

Side 3
7. Long Cool Girl
8. Lights of Taormina
9. Silver Eagle

Side 4
10. Beryl
11. Wherever I Go featuring Ruth Moody


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