Chicago II

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LP, Chicago II, 2LP


Pris: 630 kr

Chicago´s Legendary Second Album. USA-pressning

Chicago II remains a classic album, encapsulating its time (1969) in all its tumult and glory. The Vietnam War (and the civil unrest it inspired) was still raging, the counterculture dream had not yet crashed and burned, and rock music could be taken seriously as an "art form" while still generating radio hits. Chicago, with their then-new fusion of jazz, rock and pop, rose high on the charts, while taken seriously both in and beyond the rock-critic establishment.


Label: Friday Music

Genre: Pop
Typ: Nypressad  2LP  33rpm 180g Insp.år:  1969
AS: AFRM 212400





1.   Moving In
2.   The Road
3.   Poem For The People
4.   In The Country
5.   Wake Up Sunshine (Ballet For
6.   A Girl In Buchannon)
7.   Make Me Smile
8.   So Much To Say So Much
9.   To Give
10.   Anxiety’s Moment
11.   West Virginia Fantasies
12.   Colour My World
13.   To Be Free
14.   Now More Than Ever
15.   Fancy Colours
16.   25 Or 6 To 4
17.   Prelude
18.   1 AM Mourning
19.   2 PM Mourning
20.   Memories Of Love
21.   It Better End Soon
22.   Where Do We Go From Here?


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