LP, Fritz Reiner - Debussy: Iberia/ Ravel: Alborado

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LP, Fritz Reiner - Debussy: Iberia/ Ravel: Alborado


Pris: 490 kr

RCA Living Stereo classical LPs — the gold standard for top quality orchestral performance and sound!

Remastered from the original master tape and cut at 33 1/3 RPM by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Lacquers plated by Gary Salstrom and pressed on 200-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings!

"These records are definitive." — Michael Fremer, editor, AnalogPlanet.com


Label: Analogue Productions,
RCA Living Stereo

Genre: Klassisk
Typ: Nypressad  LP 33rpm 200g Insp.år:  1958
Release: 2015 Acoustic Sounds: AAPC 2222




Debussy - Iberia - Reiner - Chicago Symphony Orchestra Track Listing:
1. Debussy - Iberia - I. Par Les Rues Et Par Les Chemins
2. Debussy - Iberia - II. Les Parfums De La Nuit
3. Debussy - Iberia - III. Le Matin D'un Jour De Fete
4. Ravel - Valses Nobles Et Semtimentales
5. Ravel - Alborado Del Gracioso


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