LP-O'Brian - Long May You Sing

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LP-O'Brian - Long May You Sing


Pris: 399 kr

The second studio album from Stockfisch records is an album of Canadian classics plus a brand new song written by Paul. On this album Paul is joined (among others) by master Canadian guitar player and composer Don Ross. On the album there are songs written by Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen to name but a few.

Label: Stockfisch Records/Tyskland Genre: Folk
Typ: Nypressad  LP   33rpm 180g Insp.år: -----
Release: ----
1.   Side A
2.   Long May You Run
3.   Silvia's River
4.   Jasper
5.   Cold Missouri Waters
6.   Hallelujah
Side B
Big Yellow Taxi
If You Could Read My Mind
I Will Remember You
4   Pacing The cage/Creation Dream
5   Northwest Passage
6   Sonny's Dream


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