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True to its name, Analogue Productions - and APO Records - works exclusively with analog tape. All of the reissues from this label are mastered from the original analog tapes. And the same goes with the original titles on APO, all are recorded to analog tape. It's our belief that analog sounds far superior - richer, warmer, more life-like - than digital. We hope you'll enjoy our diverse line of offerings.

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  • LP, David Abel/Julie Steinberg,Beethoven,Violin sonatas

    489 kr 342 kr
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  • LP, Fritz Reiner - Debussy: Iberia/ Ravel: Alborado

    490 kr 343 kr
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  • LP, Janis Ian - Breaking Silence

    560 kr
  • LP, The Doors - The Doors, 45rpm, 2 LP

    715 kr
  • LP, Tjajkowskij-Violin Concerto/ Heifetz, violin

    525 kr
  • Test LP, The Ultimate Analogue Test LP

    559 kr

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