Lehmann Traveller, Hörlursförstärkare

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Lehmann Traveller, Hörlursförstärkare


Pris: 4360 kr

Portabel, Head amp + pre amp

Hörlursförstärkare och förförstärkare, upp till 20 timmar utan laddning och klar att kopplas till slutsteg eller aktiva högtalare.

Tillverkarens beskrivning i korthet

The Traveller’s intuitive handling requires only two pushbuttons. The volume control works electronically and is therefore utterly precise, even down to the lowest levels. This is due to a microprocessor-controlled passive resistor network which prevents sonic losses. The set volume levels is saved automatically when turning the unit off. With a maximum battery run-time of more than 20 hours the music won’t stop playing even on the longest flights. Moreover our Traveller is compatible with all players.

This fully analogue headphone amplifier will drive even demanding headphones hands down and may also double quite easily as a preamp for active loudspeakers. This is made possible by two pairs of parallel inputs and outputs plus another input and output socket on the the front and rear panel. Of course, there are no cables visible on the faceplate.

An audiophile mini jack cable from Audictive and a charging cable are included in the delivery, the charging socket complies with the Micro USB standard.



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